All instructors and course participants from the course in Hungary
World Academy of Sport Post Event
Date: 11/8/2019 8:54 AM
Published by : Emilie Sommer (BEC)

Last weekend the World Academy of Sport (WAoS) course took place in Budaörs, Hungary at the same time as the 44th YONEX Hungarian International. 

Participants from 12 different countries, either from the Event Management or National Administration department, have learnt new ways to organize and handle things in their departments better. 

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Jimmy Andersen, the Deputy General Secretary from Badminton Europe, who delivered the Level 1 Event Management course, was satisfied about how the event went. 

- It is always a pleasure to work with keen and interacting organizers and administrators – and that is what we saw yet again in Hungary. We had a very good group of individuals joining the courses, from many different MAs – all willing to learn, and equally important, to share knowledge with their colleagues. Such enthusiasm makes it easy to lead the courses, Andersen said. 

- I am confident that the participants left the course with new ideas and new knowledge – and with a new network of colleagues from all around Europe, he stated. 

From the participants

Natasha Cutter, who participated in the National Administrators course, was very happy about how it all went. 

- The course was an absolutely brilliant experience. I can't speak highly enough of the presenters - Tania was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful and managed to make governance interesting, Cutter said. 

Vasileios Kiimourtzidis attended the Event Management course, and he was also satisfied about the course. 

- The course was really good, specially working in groups with so many experienced people and sharing experiences, Kiimourtzidis said. 

- All the instructors of the course were such experienced people and they helped us a lot, he added. 

From France

The Level 2 course, organized by BWF, took place from the 23rd to the 27th of October in Paris, France. At the course the participants learned about e.g. National Event Strategy, different strategic plans and Event marketing. 

The participants came from Austrian Badminton Association, Badminton Ireland, Italian Badminton Federation, Latvian Badminton Federation, Lithuanian Badminton Federation, Norwegian Badminton Association, staff from the Paris 2024 organizing committee and colleagues from Badminton Pan Am. 

Tamara Geeraerts, the Events Manager at Badminton Europe, participated in the World Academy of Sport Event Management Level 2 course. 

- The WAoS Event Management Level 2 course is a very interesting follow up education for those tournament organizers who want to go to the next level. It gives you the necessary tools to critically look at your organization and determine where and how you can still improve, Tamara Geeraerts said. 

- Being able to experience the theory into practice behind the scenes at a top-level tournament like the French Open, is a dream for all Grade 3 tournament organizers, she added. 

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