Representative Visit in Ukraine
Date: 11/7/2019 8:46 AM
Published by : Emilie Sommer (BEC)

The Representative Visit offers the opportunity for any MA to receive direct support from Badminton Europe (BEC) in the form of a visit from a BEC representative to their country. The form of the visit is agreed between the MA and BEC, and it usually involves sharing information, networking, meeting with officials and local authorities etc.

Such a visit took place from the 7th to the 8th of October in Kiev, Ukraine. The Ukrainian Badminton Federation (UBF) had applied for a visit where development was the area. 

Tania Teoh, Development and High Performance Manager and Luca Crippa, Development and High Performance Officer from Badminton Europe were present for the Representative Visit. Tania Teoh talked about topics relating to Member Support and Para badminton, while Luca Crippa talked about Gender Equity, Sport for All and High Performance. 

A few words from the UBF

A total of six staff from UBF attended the sessions. They are staff who work in UBF's administration, marketing, development and communication areas.

Artem Stasiuk, General Secretary at UBF, said this about the visit: 

- Thanks to Badminton Europe for delivering all the information during the Representative Visit. The Ukrainian Badminton Federation has a strong will to go forward and develop badminton in Ukraine. But less words needed when we have actual action: after Representative Visit our player Artem Pochtarov moved to CoE. We would also like to welcome everyone to Kiev for the 2020 European Championships in April next year.

Olesia Nikolenko, Communication and International Relationship Manager from the Ukrainian Badminton Federation, was very happy about the visit and already wants another Representative Visit about Event Management. 

- The Ukrainian Badminton Federation is thankful to Luca Crippa and Tania Teoh personally for delivering all the information to us, Nikolenko said. 

- We have an idea in mind to ask Badminton Europe for a Representative Visit also in the Event management area, she added. 

If you are interested to apply for a Representative Visit, please contact Tania Teoh, BEC Development and High Performance Manager at for more information. The application is open all year through.

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