The podcast is back - starring: HK Vittinghus!
Date: 10/30/2019 2:24 PM
Published by : Emilie Sommer (BEC)
Badminton Europe has launched a new edition of the BEC Podcast!

In the BEC Podcast, European badminton players sit and talk with Badminton Europe, and they will talk about everything from badminton to their personal life.

You will get to know the players a lot better by watching and listening to these podcasts.  

The Danish men’s singles player
The podcast, launching on Wednesday, is starring Hans-Kristian Solberg Vittinghus.

Hans-Kristian Solberg Vittinghus, the 33 years old Danish men’s singles player, is joining the studio with Rasmus Bech from Badminton Europe to talk about everything and nothing.

He has been a professional badminton player since 2005 and with his experience and achievements, there are much to talk about.

The Olympic Games, retirement etc.
Some of the topics they are touching are Vittinghus’ situation right now in the game, his thoughts about the Olympic qualification compared to the former Olympic qualifications and what he wants to do once he retires from the badminton carrier. 

They also talk a lot about is how it is being 5 high ranked Danish men’s singles players when it comes to e.g. the Olympic Games and the Thomas Cup team.

Family life and professional badminton carrier. Two things that can be hard to combine. Listen to the podcast and find out how Vittinghus makes it all work.

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