Representative Visit in Ireland
Date: 10/28/2019 1:32 PM
Published by : Emilie Sommer (BEC)
The BEC BASIS Programme has the purpose of helping and assisting Member Associations (MAs) to develop and improve in different areas which can be requested by the MAs themselves in accordance with their needs.

One of the levels of support provided by the programme is the Representative Visit.

The Representative Visit offers the opportunity for any MA to receive direct support from BEC in the form of a visit from a BEC representative to their country. The form of the visit is agreed between the MA and BEC, and it usually involves sharing information, networking, meeting with officials and local authorities etc.

From the 24th to the 26th of September such a visit took place in Dublin, Ireland in connection with Badminton Ireland having submitted an application to get inspiration, greater knowledge and sparring in the Communication field.

During the visit, topics such as communication planning and implementation for events, communication planning and implementation for Membership/Membership services and communication for players, were presented.

The visit had both presentations and learning tasks, where the participants could use what they had learnt and put in into practice.

From the participants
Karla Kennedy, who is a Membership & Development Intern at Badminton Ireland had this to say about the Representative Visit.

- Although we are all so tech savvy these days and often think that we know how to use social media, it is constantly evolving, and we must keep up to date with it as it does. The training provided some valuable insights about how to use social media advantageously in our business and some tips to help along the way, she stated.

Craig McCourtney, Education & Training Officer at Badminton Ireland, was very happy about the visit from Badminton Europe.

- The visit proved very useful to all of the Badminton Ireland staff, it’s great to see Badminton Europe running initiatives like this for the MAs, he said.

For more information on the BEC BASIS Programme, contact Tania Teoh, BEC Development and High Performance Manager at

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