Tomalova: I would love to play more in Europe
Date: 10/4/2019 3:23 PM
Published by : Emilie Sommer (BEC)

The Olympics are important to most badminton players, and this also applies to Katerina Tomalova.

Katerina Tomalova from Czech Republic has been practicing at BEC's Centre of Excellence for a while and her main focus right now is to qualify for Tokyo 2020. 

- I am not that close to qualify for the Olympics, but I am working hard on it and I am getting closer. I improved my ranking after the tournaments in Mexico and Guatemala. So, I am looking forward to playing more tournaments and getting more points.

Strong tournaments in Europe

In connection with the Olympics the tournaments in Europe are getting stronger, which means a lot of players have to travel far away to get the points for the rankings.

- I would be glad if I could play only tournaments in Europe and maybe just sometimes travel far away. The tournaments in Europe are very strong.

- I have to travel for the points, but on the other hand, I had the chance to visit new places and meet new people. So, I am excited about that, she mentioned.

Finding the resources

The players do not get a lot of money to finance their travels for the tournaments and Badminton Europe asked how Katerina Tomalova finds the resources to travel when the budgets are not that big.

- It is definitely not cheap and right now we are having a discussion with our federation. The conditions are really tough. We just received a budget, but it is not enough. It covers maybe two or three of these far away tournaments. So, we are all a little sad about the situation right now.

- I am trying to find another way, I play team matches here in Denmark and in Czech Republic. Also, I work as a marketing freelancer. From time to time I have to work and not just be on the court all the time. It is tough, but for the Olympics I think it is worth it, she replied.

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