Chloe Birch is aiming for the top. Credit: Badmintonphoto
- I can be in the top of the World
Date: 8/8/2019 3:17 PM
Published by : Rasmus Bech(BEC)

Chloe Birch believes that she can reach the absolute top level in women’s doubles.

It is not unusual to see players competing in more than one category: Lauren Smith, Mark Lamsfuss, Selena Piek and Thom Gicquel are just to mention a few. However, it is quite unusual is to play singles and doubles, as Chloe Birch does.

English Chloe Birch is currently ranked number 46 on the women’s singles World Ranking and number 27 on the women’s doubles ranking. Speaking to players and coaches it is hard to get a clear answer: Is Chloe Birch a doubles player or a singles player? Birch has no doubt:

- I am more suited for the doubles and I think coaches, who see me play, would say the same. I think some people have the impression, that I am a singles player, that plays doubles, but it is probably the other way around, Birch said.

Aiming for the top
At the European Games she reached the quarterfinals in the singles category and won the women’s doubles silver medal.

Chloe Birch and Lauren Smith have proven that they are among the best women’s doubles in Europe, and Birch believes that she and Smith can do even better.

- I think it is in the doubles, I can be in the top of the World, Chloe Birch stated.

Movement gives opportunities
Playing in two categories of course also takes resources, but for Chloe Birch it is important to walk on court alone and also next to Lauren Smith.

- I continue playing Women’s Singles because I think it is good for me. My movement gets better for the doubles because I am used to moving on the singles court, Birch mentioned.

- That movement gives Lauren the opportunity to be more experimental knowing that I can cover for her. I think that is a big asset in my doubles, and that is the main key for me to continue to play singles.

Post-Olympic decisions
Birch is trying to qualify for the Olympics in both categories, but the big question is: Will she continue to play two categories after Tokyo 2020. That question is not going to be answered any time soon.

- We will see at the end of the qualification how everything goes. It is a very busy year, and I think there will be a lot of tournaments. I have never been through an Olympic qualification period before, and that is also the reason why we are not making any decisions now, Birch said.

- Decisions will be made post qualification or maybe post Olympics. For now, I am happy to play both and do well in both, so I cannot complain.

If Chloe Birch qualifies, the Tokyo 2020 Games will be her first trip to the Olympics.

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