Bartlomiej Mroz (Credit: Badminton Photo)
Bartlomiej Mroz: "This is different from other places"
Date: 7/25/2019 11:14 AM
Published by : Aidan Jones (BEC)
This week has brought a new dimension to Badminton Europe’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) with the arrival of Para badminton player Bartlomiej Mroz, from Poland.

The SU5-player arrived at the CoE at the beginning of the week and will depart on Friday, after experiencing a week of training with Badminton Europe.

Good first impressions

Bartlomiej Mroz who is visiting the CoE for the first time this week is impressed with the overall facility and professionalism of both players and staff.

- From the first moment, I felt that it was very nice, lots of different players from different countries, similar to my sports high school.

 - it is my first time here and I am so glad to be at the Badminton Europe Centre of Excellence, the organisation is very professional.

Individual training is good

The 24-year-old has spoken to Badminton Europe about his experience so far at the CoE and is very much in favour of the individual approach when it comes to training.

- It is so nice because the players and coaches focus on their individual practice. This is different from other places where I have practiced, where everyone does the same things, he said.

- At the CoE, everyone is working on a technique or way of playing to improve their individual game and this is supported well by the coaches.

 There has been a lot of different types of sessions for Mroz to experience at the CoE this week.

- I have been doing gym sessions, as well as a morning badminton session every day. Thursday, we have a biking session and then there will be a running session before the last practice on Friday, Mroz continued.

There is more to practice than technique

Mroz feels it is a big advantage to have sparring sessions throughout the week, compared to where he has trained before.

- There are sparring sessions two times per week, whereas before, this did not happen as often.

- Instead, before the season, we did not have any sparring sessions at all, while during the season, we had just one sparring session per week, Mroz said.

- On Tuesday, we had a match with the U19- and U17-players of the Danish national team.

On Thursday, Bartlomiej Mroz will perform a takeover on Badminton Europe’s Instagram account, go and follow his journey (@badminton_europe).
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