Peter Briggs and Gregory Mairs (England), competing at the Scottish Open in 2018 (credit: Badminton Europe - Mark Phelan)
- I will be leaving Badminton England
Date: 4/8/2019 1:28 PM
Published by : Aidan Jones (BEC)
Peter Briggs is leaving Europe. His and Gregory Mair’s future as a current pairing could come to an end at the Canada and US Open in June.

Briggs speaking at the Finnish Open revealed to Badminton Europe that he will be leaving Badminton England and moving on to new things.

- We are not sure what is next for me and Greg (Gregory Mairs), we will hopefully play Canada and US Open, in June, but as of next month, I will be relocating.

- I will be leaving Badminton England, on good terms, I am leaving and moving out to Toronto to do some training there.

Change is good

- For me, it is a change of training environment and hopefully, it will give me new ways to push myself, so I am very much looking forward to it.

- Obviously, that puts a strain on partnerships etc, not being able to train as much so we are just discussing that at the moment and trying to figure out the next steps from here.

- For me, it is a needed change. I always perform best when I change my training environments.

A good opportunity

The 27-year old, from Leicester, has revealed that he gets the best out of himself when training further afield, whether that is a training block or a tournament block.

- When I go and play on longer tours or go and do a training block out in Asia, or somewhere else, I then tend to get the best out of myself.

- Because there are new ways to challenge yourself, in each environment, and having fresh players to train with is definitely something that helps you challenge yourself.

- For me, it is an opportunity which I have come across and I thought I would take it and we will see where it goes from there.

Finish on a high

With Briggs and Mairs set to compete at the Canada and US Open in June, Briggs is hoping to finish the pairing with a good result.

- I love Canada, played twice, won it once. Hopefully looking to put in some good performances.

- It is going to be tough because it is Olympic qualifying, so all of the players are everywhere, Briggs said.

-  I am hoping to go out on a high in Canada and US Open, he added.

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