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Lia Salehar: I hope to play again soon
Date: 3/25/2019 11:29 AM
Published by : Annika Langrock
Since last year, Lia Salehar has been dealing with an injury. After three retired matches this year, the chances for the Slovenian to play at the European Games in June are very low. 

If Lia Salehar has one wish that will be fulfilled, it would be to play badminton again. Since November, the 19-year-old has to deal with a serious ankle injury. Now, the most important for Salehar is to get fit again to participate in international tournaments. 

“I hope that I can start playing tournaments again soon. My goal is to be back on court at the end of February, so that I can continue collecting world ranking points for the European Games”, Salehar told Badminton Europe at the Swedish Open in January.

Three retired matches this year

But now, with March coming to an end, the Slovenian could not make any progress regarding her ambition to be back on court to collect world ranking points. 

On the opposite, Salehar recently had to retire in the first round of the Slovak Open at the end of February, which has been the third retirement in the third match for her this year. 

“I want to play at least two or three tournaments before the qualification for the European Games will come to an end”, Salehar said.

Low chances for Minsk

With the European Games ranking period coming to an end this week, Salehar might have a chance of being qualified for Minsk in the Women’s Singles, as her current world ranking spot number 248 would allow her to participate in the multi-sport event in June.  

Find the European Games ranking status from last week here

Lia and Iza Salehar at the European Championships 2018 in Huelva 

(Credit: Mark Phelan)

Next to playing in the Women’s Singles, Lia Salehar is also competing in the Women’s Doubles, with her sister Iza. Last year, the sisters have been moving to Odense, Denmark, to practise badminton at a daily basis. 

“It is great to live in Odense, it is a beautiful city and we feel very comfortable there. Iza and I have intense training sessions, but we feel that we improve our game”, Lia Salehar said. 

Referring to the current world ranking, the Slovenian sisters would not be qualified for the European Games in the Women's Doubles.
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