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- I threw my racket in the air
Date: 12/28/2018 11:44 PM
Published by : Aidan Jones (BEC)
England Men’s and Mixed Doubles player Marcus Ellis has revealed the emotions that he went through when he found out he had made it to the BWF World Tour Finals last month.

The Englishman admitted that he and his partner Lauren Smith were under more pressure than usual due to what was at stake.

Ellis and Smith ended up going to the BWF World Tour Finals, winning one of their three tough matches.

- I didn’t realise until someone tweeted me and told me that it was possible for us to qualify for the World Tour Finals and we calculated that we had to reach the semi-final stage of the Scottish Open, Marcus Ellis told Badminton Europe.

- We were top seeds so technically expected to win the tournament anyway. I think me and Lauren were under a bit more pressure and we knew what we needed to do, he said.

- I think we won the quarterfinal quite comfortably but I threw my racket in the air and I might have celebrated more than I usually would because I knew that was enough to qualify, it did feel like a big game at the time, Ellis added.

Growing up with the racket

Role models are arguably the most important thing when a child is growing up in sport, not just in football but every single sport including badminton.

- It is very important that there is that continuity of players competing and winning at the top level, because if not it is hard to be a role model, Ellis said.

- In England especially you have football, if there were no top footballers then kids would not have a role model who they want to grow up and be like them, he added.

The England Men’s and Mixed Doubles player believes that his role model allowed him to succeed to his level now.

- I had many people who I watched when I was younger, and that has definitely helped me be the player I am today, Ellis commented.

- Players like Nathan Robertson who is now actually coaching me, I watched him win the All England with Gail (Emms), he added.
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