Bidding process opened until 2020
Date: 11/29/2013 11:44 AM
Published by : Manuel Røsler

Back in 2012, Badminton Europe introduced its new bidding procedure for its events. This procedure allows Member Associations to submit bids sooner than previously. It is furthermore possible to bid for events for several years/times in a row. Now, after experiencing a lot of interest around BEC events, and after recently allocating four of them (see "Poland to host four European Championships") the bidding process has been opened up until the year 2020.

One document is uniting all of Badminton Europe’s Events – giving its Member Associations a detailed overview of the requirements for hosting the European Championships or the Circuit Finals.

As part of the bidding procedure, Badminton Europe’s Member Associations are given the opportunity of submitting bids at a much earlier stage than previously, and having the event allocated much earlier as well. The criteria for having the specific event allocated is outlined in the bidding papers, so if a Member Association is presenting a bid which fulfills the organizational criteria and meets the indicative rights fee published alongside the new bidding papers, Badminton Europe’s Council will allocate the event at its first convenience.

Badminton Europe’s Events Program contains European Championships in five different age groups, played individually or as team events as well as the annual Circuit Finals, where the best players of the season’s Circuits get together for a season finale.

It has also recently been introduced that Badminton Europe Council can reserve the right to allocate an event immediately, even if the indicative rights fee is not met, if the bid is submitted within 12 months from when the event is due to begin.

More detailed information about the Badminton Europe Events Program and the bidding procedure can be found in the united bidding papers which can be downloaded HERE.


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