The Representative Visits is open for application all year long. To apply, contact the BEC Office.
Representative Visits Rapidly Gaining Interests
Date: 12/12/2018 3:28 PM
Published by : Tania Teoh
The Representative Visits (RV) is part of the BEC BASIS Programme. The main objective of RV is to provide Member Associations (MA´s) with the opportunity to receive direct BEC support by having a BEC representative visit the applying Member Association to share information, knowledge and best practices between BEC and the MA´s.

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The final two RV this year took place in Oslo (NOR) and Brežice (SLO). Both the Norwegian Badminton Association and Badminton Association of Slovenia applied to have a RV which focused on ´Communication´. Rasmus Bech, BEC Communication Manager was present as the main presenter for both visits. During his visits in Oslo and Brežice, he presented to the following groups on the communication ´know how´s´:

• Board members and staff of the federation
• National squad players
• Coaches
• Club leaders

From the presenter

“Both visits are pretty similar in terms of the content and audience but in Norway, I also had the chance to meet with the Board of Directors of the federation where I introduced them to BEC and shared the opportunities of BASIS Programme. For the visit in Slovenia, I think most of the player left the room motivated to do better. They for sure left the room with a feeling, that they have to help promote the sport in Slovenia. They did not see themselves as ambassadors of the sport before – I am sure they do now. During the workshop the players had to start building their own brand and figure out ways they could help the federation to promote the sport of badminton in Slovenia and moving forward the players should know that it is a win-win for them, when they send content (pictures, quotes, etc) to the federation for them to publish, ” expressed Rasmus Bech.

From the federations

“We recommend other associations to look into the possibilities in the BASIS Programme, and thank BEC and Rasmus for his contribution to bring Norwegian badminton a step forward,” Espen Larsen, General Secretary at Norwegian Badminton Association.

“It was a pleasure to host Rasmus Bech in Slovenia. We learned a lot about the practical use of social media. I think most of the players have already started using social media channels in a more proper way. We are looking forward to having more similar workshops,” Dusan Skerbis, Sports Director at Badminton Association of Slovenia.

BEC accepts Representative Visits applications all year long. If you have enquiries on the application process, please contact BEC Manager, Tania Teoh at

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BEC BASIS Programme

BEC Representative Visits

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