Jimmy Andersen (second from right), BEC Senior Manager with the staff members of the Moldavian Badminton Federation
Representative Visit in Moldova
Date: 10/15/2018 5:16 PM
Published by : Tania Teoh
The BEC BASIS Programme has the purpose of helping and assisting Member Associations (MA) to develop and improve in different areas which can be requested by the MAs themselves in accordance with their needs. One of the levels of support provided by the programme is the Representative Visit.

The Representative Visit offers the opportunity for any MA to receive direct support from BEC in the form of a visit from a BEC representative to their country. The form of the visit is agreed between the MA and BEC, and it usually involves sharing information, networking, meeting with officials and local authorities etc.

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Such a visit took place recently in Chisinau, Moldova. Moldavian Badminton Federation (MBF) had applied for a representative visit in the administrative area, in hopes of improving the quality of work at their office and strengthening the relationships with their main stakeholders, sponsors, their members and staff.   

Jimmy Andersen, Senior Manager at BEC, was the one to visit Moldova and its federation. The visit consisted of two days of meetings with authorities, executives and actual and potential sponsors.

The meetings with the officials had the purpose of strengthening the position of badminton inside Moldova and to develop its potential, both on grassroot, domestic and international level. Topics like school badminton (hereunder Shuttle Time) and representation of Moldova at the European Championships, European Games and Youth Olympic Games were discussed.

Radu Rebeja, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and Jimmy Andersen, BEC Senior Manager

During his visit, Jimmy Andersen met with:
• Radu Rebeja, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research;
• Prodan Dumitru, second person in charge of the National Paralympic Committee;
• Victor Peicov, Vice-President of the National Olympic Committee;
• Serghei Afanasenco, NADA President, former Minister of Sport and Olympic Para-tennis player, going into Para-badminton;
• MBF Staff and Executives;
• Current and potential sponsors of the MBF, to discuss plans for how both parties can benefit from their cooperation.

“Visiting Chisinau and the Moldavian Federation was a great experience, and I truly believe that other similar federations could, and should, benefit from similar visits. BEC has a strong wish to assist developing federations, and through good cooperation I am sure we can make a difference for badminton in that particular country. I hope that my attendance in the many meetings will see Moldavian Badminton benefitting, to gain a stronger position in sport domestically,” Jimmy Andersen stated.

Victor Peicov, Vice President of the National Olympic Committee with Jimmy Andersen, BEC Senior Manager.

“We would like to thank Jimmy for taking his time to come to Chisinau, showing his support towards us and putting a lot of effort into these meetings and the BASIS program in general. We believe that this has been extremely important and helpful for us. It is great to see things from different perspectives and Jimmy’s expertise is surely one that can be useful,” President of MBF Marian Stan said.

“We believe that at this stage of development, our federation should grab on to all kinds of support programs. It is really important to get as much experience as possible and to share this with others as well. This can only serve as a starting point or a push towards progress and success. I believe such programs as BASIS are crucial for federations like ours. So thank you BEC for BASIS, and thank you Jimmy for visiting us and for sharing your experience with us,” added Maria Bubucea, MBF staff.

Chair of the BEC Member Structures Commission (which is responsible for the  BASIS Programme), Emma Mason, expressed her thanks to the Moldavian Badminton Federation for embracing BASIS and for making maximum use of the existing resources and opportunities being offered by BEC. “I would like to express my personal thanks to Marian (Stan), Maria (Bubucea) and the rest of the Moldavian Federation for its continuing support and cooperation with BEC and the BASIS Programme. We have been delighted that, in the last year alone, the Moldavian Badminton Federation has benefitted from a Representative Visit and was also the first Member Association to take part in the Internship Programme, both initiatives of the BASIS Programme. The Moldavian Federation is an excellent example of what we want to achieve in the Member Structures Commission through the BASIS Programme – engaging with developing Member Associations upon their needs, but through our financial and administrative support.”

For more information about the BEC BASIS Programme, click here.

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