Jeanette van der Werff (left) once again on medal hunt on the ESC (Photo: private)
Jeannette van den Werff: Memories cared and shared
Date: 9/23/2018 7:58 PM
Published by : Mireille van Daal

Tomorrow is the big day! Badminton Europe’s biggest event will start in Guadelajara, Spain. A number of 1235 senior players will show Europe what they are still capable to do in badminton. 

Jeannette van den Werff (The Netherlands) is a player who has been around for a very long time in the international circuit. First as an elite player, but now over 20 years also as a senior player. 

 -  I really like competing at the ESC! I get to meet all the people from the past again who continued playing, just li

-  A lot of memories are being cared and shared!

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As previously mentioned, Van den Werff is an elite senior player. Her participation on international senior tournaments reward her with medals most of the time. It is no surprise that her ambition for this ESC is no different.

-  Competing and staying free of injuries is very important for me, but with the goal to come as far as possible in the tournament.

-  I am definitely going for taking one or more medals back home!

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If it’s on Van den Werff, she will compete for many more years at the ESC.

-  Badminton is an important aspect of my life which I really enjoy doing so.

She also notices that senior badminton is growing, especially in The Netherlands.

-  I experience more recognition for seniors from Badminton Nederland. Now we even have a clothing sponsorship by Van de Kolk Hypotheken!

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