Level 1 tutor course in Tallinn
Date: 5/30/2016 7:53 PM
Published by : Jeroen Van Dijk
From 27 – 29 May 2016 Badminton Europe organized another BWF Coach Education level 1 Tutor course in close cooperation with the Estonian Badminton Federation in Tallinn, Estonia.  There were 15 participants from 9 different countries taking part in the course.

The course started on Friday morning in the classroom of the Golden Club and Tere Tennisekeskus where the participants were taught how to best use the resources and what the expectations of a tutor is. After a short explanation and demonstration from the course leader Jeroen van Dijk the participants were ask to prepare and deliver the first task. This task is used as a sort of a warm up so that they can understand how the structure of the course is going to be. The sessions after the coffee break were used to teach the participants about learning styles and on different technics on how to give feedback.  The second half of the first day was used on coach delivery of a practice and feedback from the participants on the delivered practice.

The second day started with feedback from the course leaders Henrik Sørensen and Jeroen van Dijk to the participants to make them aware in which areas they can improve.  The next sessions were about technical progression, the role of the tutor and the participants had to come up with tactical exercises in group work. In the afternoon the participants prepared and delivered the fourth task.

The third and final day the participants were asked to work in groups and make a schedule for a level 1 coaching course.  The schedule had to be presented to the other groups. The last 2 hours of the course were used to give feedback and inform the participants if they past the course or not.

Badminton Europe would like to thank the Estonian Badminton Federation for making this course possible.

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