National champions crowned around Europe
Date: 2/8/2016 2:45 PM
Published by : Manuel Røsler
The majority of European nations held their national badminton championships this week-end, and many of the titles fell into familiar hands. Germany's Marc Zwiebler for example defended his title, taking his 9th career championship in a very dominant fashion. With this title, Zwieber also set a new record in German badminton history.

On the other hand, this week-end saw a few suprises. Things were quite different in Denmark, where Rasmus Fladberg stunned the favourites by winning his first national title. Fladberg beat European Junior Champion Anders Antonsen in the semi-final and Emil Holst, silver medalist of the 1st European Games, in Sunday's finals. Denmark's two best shuttlers, Jan O. Jorgensen and Viktor Axelsen, withdrew from the tournament due to injury.

In England, Rajiv Ouseph cruised to his his eighth national men' singles title beating youngster Alex Lane in the final. The 29-year old Ouseph had won seven titles in a row before missing last year's championships. presents you a list of the National Champions in 2016:

(In alphabetical order)


MS: Luka Wraber
WS: Katrin Neudolt
MD: Jürgen Koch/Peter Zauner
WD: Anna Demmelmayer/Jenny Ertl
XD: Roman Zirnwald/Sonja Langthaler


MS: Dmitriy Supruniuk
WS: Alesia Zaitseva
MD: Vitaly Primak/Dmitry Saydakov
WD: Kristina Silich/Anastasiia Cherniavskaya
XD: Aleksei Konakh/Anastasiia Cherniavskaya


MS: Yuhan Tan
WS: Lianne Tan
MD: Matijs Dierickx/Freek Golinski
WD: Lianne Tan/Flore Vandenhoucke
XD: Matijs Dierickx/Steffi Annys


MS: Zvonomir Durkinjak
WS: Matea Čiča
MD: Filip Špoljarec/Zvonimir Đurkinjak
WD: Matea Čiča/Staša Poznanović
XD: Zvonimir Hoelbling/Matea Čiča


MS: Petr Koukal
WS: Kristina Gavnholt
MD: Jakub Bitman/Pavel Drancak
WD: Alzbeta Basova/Michaela Fuchsova
XD: Jakub Bitman/Alzbeta Basova


MS: Rasmus Fladberg
WS: Line Kjærsfeldt
MD: Mathias Boe/Carsten Mogensen
WD: Christinna Pedersen/Kamilla Rytter Juhl
XD: Joachim Fischer/Christinna Pedersen


MS: Rajiv Ouseph
WS: Fontaine Chapman
MD: Marcus Ellis/Chris Langridge
WD: Heather Olver/Lauren Smith
XD: Chris Adcock/Gabby Adcock


MS: Raul Must
WS: Kati Tolmoff
MD: Kristjan Kaljurand/Raul Käsner
WD: Kati-Kreet Marran/Sale-Liis Teesalu
XD: Raul Käsner/Helina Rüütel


MS: Kalle Koljonen
WS: Nanna Vainio
MD: Henri Aarnio/Iikka Heino
WD:  Sonja Pekkola/Sanni Rautala
XD: Anton Kaisti/Mathilda Lindholm


MS: Lucas Corvée
WS: Perinne Lebuhanic
MD: Bastian Kersaudy/Gaetan Mittelheisser
WD: Lea Palermo/Delphine Delrue
XD: Gaetan Mittelheisser/Audrey Fontaine


MS: Marc Zwiebler
WS: Olga Konon
MD: Raphael Beck/Peter Käsbauer
WD: Johanna Goliszewski/Carla Nelte
XD: Mark Lamsfuß/Isabel Herttrich


MS: Nhat Nguyen
WS: Chloe Magee
MD: Joshua Magee/Sam Magee
WD: Sinead Chambers/Jennie King
XD: Sam Magee/Chloe Magee


MS: Rosario Maddaloni
WS: Jeanine Cicognini
MD: Giovanni Greco/Rosario Maddaloni
WD: Claudia Gruber/Gloria Pirvanescu
XD: Fabio Caponio/Sofia Giudici


MS: Niks Podosinoviks
WS: Kristīne Šefere
MD: Kristaps Jānis Gulbis/Teodors Kerimovs
WD: Aija Pope/Kristīne Šefere
XD: Niks Podosinoviks/Kristīne Šefere


MS: Kestutis Navickas
WS: Vaida Formkinaite
MD: Povilas Bartusis/Kestutis Navickas
WD: Rebeka Alekseviciute/Gerda Voitechovskaya
XD: Povilas Bartusis/Vaida Formkinaite


MS: Erik Meijs
WS: Soraya de Visch Eijbergen
MD: Jacco Arends/Jelle Maas
WD: Eefje Muskens/Selena Piek
XD: Jacco Arends/Selena Piek


MS: Marius Myhre
WS: Vilde Espeseth
MD: Magnus Christensen/Vegard Rikheim
WD: Anne Klyve/Helene Søgaard
XD: Helene Abusdal/Jim Ronny Andersen


MS: Vladimir Malkov
WS: Elena Komendrovskaja
MD: Andrey Ivanov/Anton Nazarenko
WD: Olga Morozova/Anastasia Cherniavskaya
XD: Rodion Kargaev/Ekaterina Bolotova


MS: Matthew Carder
WS: Kirsty Gilmour
MD: Robert Blair/Adam Hall
WD: Rebekka Findlay/Kirsty Gilmour
XD: Robert Blair/Imogen Bankier


MS: Iztok Utrosa
WS: Tina Kodric
MD: Miha Horvat/Iztok Utroša
WD: Ana Marija Šetina/Kaja Stanković
XD: Luka Petrič/Tina Kodrič


MS: Gabriel Ulldahl
WS: Larissa Gryga
MD: Sebastian Gransbo/Peder Nordin
WD: Clara Nistad/Emma Wengberg
XD: Filip Myhrén/Emma Wengberg


MS: Christian Bösiger
WS: Sabrina Jaquet
MD: Anthony Dumartheray/Thomas Heiniger
WD: Ayla Huser/Sabrina Jaquet
XD: Anthony Dumartheray/Sabrina Jaquet

Article by Manuel Rösler. Photos by Sven Heise and BadmintonPhoto.
© All rights reserved.

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