BEC Athletes Commission Election
Date: 1/12/2016 2:38 PM
Published by : Tania Teoh
During the 2016 European Men’s & Women’s Team Championships the first election of the BEC Athletes Commission will be conducted. The BEC Athletes Commission will be formed comprising of three members and the Chair shall be a full voting member of BEC Board and be an ex-officio Member of all BEC Commissions.

“It has been vital for me to introduce player’s representation into the governance structure of badminton in Europe”, said BEC President, Gregory Verpoorten. 

“I hope that the European players will embrace this opportunity and that we will see good nominations as well as active participation in developing our sport,” he added.

This was echoed by former Chair of the BWF Athletes Commission, Emma Mason, who had agreed to support the BEC Board of Directors in setting up the process around the election. 

“It is of the utmost importance that players are given the opportunity to (and take responsibility for) the governance of our sport. I have always believed that the sport exists for the players and that conditions for them should consistently be improved. I am very pleased that BEC will be the first Continental Confederation in badminton to directly involve players at the highest level of their decision making and I look forward to seeing the players making a positive influence in the development of our sport,” stated Emma, who was an ex-Scottish elite national player. 

The procedure for the election of the first BEC Athletes Commission will be:

21 Jan 2016 Deadline for nominations
28 Jan 2016 Deadline to make nominations public
17 Feb 2016 Deadline for e-mail voting at midnight CET
18 Feb 2016 Players meeting & official voting at the European Men’s & Women’s Team Championships                                    (Kazan,Russia)

Nominations for the BEC Athletes Commission shall be emailed to the BEC General Secretary, Brian Agerbak at 

To be eligible for election to the BEC Athletes Commission, an “Eligible Player” must:

be representing a Member Association of BEC and be in good standing with his or her Member Association; and
be at least 18 years of age and must not have been sanctioned for a doping or a betting, wagering or irregular match offence during his or her sports career; and
be an active player, where an active player is defined as:
- A player who is present on the World Ranking List at the time of his or her election; and/or
- A player who has participated in any of the latest European Championships, European Mixed Team Championships, European Men’s & Women’s Team Championships and/or the Olympic Games

To read more about the BEC Athletes Commission – click here

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