(Photo: Oliwia Zimniewska Austrian Badminton Association)
Second edition of U15 girls camp in Austria
Date: 9/30/2022 2:21 PM
Published by : Tommi Saksa (BEC)
From July 30 to August 6, Dornbirn became a training centre for coaches and female players from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

U15 girls camp turned out to be, once more, a great experience for both players and coaches. 19 players and 4 coaches took a part in the training camp. Kenza Estoppey, from Switzerland quotes: “The vibe was very good. I learned to analyse better my matches and find more solutions when I make mistakes. I also improved my forehand skills from the backline.” 

The schedule of the training camp in Austria was divided in different blocks: the first two and a half days were dedicated to playing singles, the following two, to doubles and finally, a tournament. In addition to training in the hall, girls took a part in two sessions about mental training, with special focus on body language and stress management. Other activities such as hiking, cultural exchange evening and athletic training on preventing injuries, were part of the fun environment, in Austria.

Videos analysis sessions were also a big part of the experience and the players were able to focus on tactical solutions in women’s singles and in 1-4 strokes in doubles. “It helped me a lot to improve my game. I found it super to work with videos, to meet new people and learn new techniques. The whole camp was super fun”, shares Ainara Lara Putri, from Switzerland.

With the use of cameras in technical sessions, female players improved their technique and became more aware of their movements. The fantastic atmosphere on and off court, led to mutual encouragement between girls to push themselves into becoming better players. Gitika Venkatasubbaiah, from Switzerland talks about her experience: “What I improved in this camp was specially my diving and attitude, because of watching the videos and learning from it.” 

Oliwia Zimniewska, from Badminton Association of Vorarlberger shares: “I am highly satisfied with the improvement of players regarding badminton and social network. Girls were working with good quality throughout the whole week. Additionally, we used videos during the technical trainings in order to be able to improve players awareness of their playing skills. Each player was filmed and later they could analyse their own movement on court. Girls bonded and established new friendships. Coaches were working closely together, sharing responsibilities and being active on and off court. Topics, which were discussed off court pertain the post-covid situation in badminton, challenges in daily work and the development of high-performance badminton.”

As for future goals, Zimniewska would like to involve more female coaches on the camp, in order to increase the quality of each training and be able to individualize it even further. She believes that such events, bring young players together and inspire them to stay in badminton and proceed towards the top level. 
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