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Deprez: here is something in your mind that drives you crazy
Date: 3/20/2020 10:00 AM
Published by : Alan Raftery
Fabienne Deprez is a top women’s singles player from Germany, one of the majorly affected countries by Covid-19. As a result, the nation has been subject to strong precautionary measures. Deprez shares her views on the BWF announcement mid-way through the All England Open last week to suspend tournaments until 12 April and how it affected her psychologically. 

-In my opinion it was the only right decision. Actually, a couple of weeks too late. For me as an athlete it was mentally tough to prepare for a tournament which is maybe getting cancelled or postponed. There is something in your mind that drives you crazy. I try to give my best in training again and again, but somehow you do not know what for. Now the situation is clear for everyone. There are no tournaments for the next three to four weeks, so you can start to plan a bit at least. 

Online workout
The situation is different in every country, and some national teams are coming up with really innovative ways to keep training going. Deprez explains.

-At the moment all gyms and stadiums are closed in Germany. So, there isn’t training at the national training centre. I am staying at my parent’s place at the moment. They have a big house where I can do some home workouts and a small gym where I can do some light weightlifting. Every morning we also can participate in an online workout with the national team for some mobility stuff. It is a strange situation for all of us, but we really try to do our best to get through these tough times. 

Deprez – Daily routine
At times like this it is vitally important to support each other, and if able to, share advice and tips to others for inspiration. Deprez lays out her daily routine for us. 

-It is the first time in my life I can decide when I wake up! I have a training program, but no one is telling me at what time I have to do the program. I really enjoy sleeping a bit longer. As you can see there are the little things you can be happy with. I try to stay positive. 

-When I have had some breakfast, I start with my mobility workout and some light stretching. Followed by core exercises and one leg weightlifting. Things which I can do easily at home. In the evening I go for a run. Sometimes intervals, the next day a 40-minute run. As long as we are allowed to go outside, I’ll do my running. But I have not left my house since Friday last week for anything else than running. I want to be a good role model. At these times it is very important to make clear that the best thing you can do is to stay home. Of course, it is not easy. I miss my friends and I miss my weekly coffee with my best friend. But sometimes you must put your private needs behind to protect you and others.

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