From left: Coach Galeani, Rosa De Marco, Beatriz Monteiro, Coach Silva and Ivanna Redka (Photo: Badminton Europe)
- The camp has improved my qualities
Date: 11/29/2019 2:29 PM
Published by : Alan Raftery
This week at the Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Holbæk we had the SU5 Women’s Singles Camp for Para badminton. 

Three players attended, Rosa De Marco of Italy, Ivanna Redka of Ukraine and Beatriz Monteiro of Portugal. They all came with the aim to work with Italian Coach Enrico Galeani to develop their game for tournament match play and spar against other top players in their category. De Marco talking about the camp said.

- The sessions were good quality, we had good games and I think after this camp we are going to learn a lot. 

- I think the camp is a good idea. We do not play for a long time, but we hope to be more ready for the future. We want to develop and progress more towards Tokyo 2020. This is a dream we all have, so we must do more training and work, Redka added.

I can make lots of new friends
The players worked on many different drills throughout the week, practised some match play situations and trained alongside the players and coaches based at CoE. We asked the players, apart from making good friends, what will they take away from the week. 

- I hope to get a better backhand, a good drop shot, and nice spin shot. I hope I will better my techniques and I think the camp has improved my qualities, De Marco responded. 

- At this camp I had very good training. I’d like to thank all the coaches as this is a really good idea. I received more intense and technical training which is nice for me, Redka added.

- My evolution during this camp is very good. I like playing in this camp because it is big, has good players and I can make lots of new friends, said Monteiro.

For more information about the Para badminton work that Badminton Europe does, click here.

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