Toby Penty is now number one in Great Britain. Credit: Badmintonphoto
Penty - The new Number One
Date: 8/13/2019 11:06 AM
Published by : Rasmus Bech(BEC)

Toby Penty is the new Number One in England – a role that suits him.

Since the Sudirman Cup 2019, Toby Penty has been the English and Team GB number one men’s singles. With Rajiv Ouseph retiring after the World Championships in Basel later this month, all eyes will be on Penty.

- It is a great feeling representing your country. Obviously “Raj” has been on top for a long time. We both help each other, and I like to think that also played part in his development, and he obviously played a big part in mine, Toby Penty said.

- I have been playing understudy for a while but is has been a good learning and experience at all time. I was able to bring that into Sudirman Cup, where I played a really good match against Viktor (Axelsen). I am starting to learn how to embrace that feeling. I am 26, but it is still learning blocks for me.

Takes nothing for granted
One year from now the Tokyo Olympics take place. As the number one men’s singles in Great Britain, Toby Penty is in pole position to secure a spot the Olympics. The closest contender for a spot at the Olympics in 2020 is more than 40 spots below Penty, but the 26-year-old remains calm.

- I have had enough trials and tribulations in my career to know, that things can easily go different ways.

- I do not take anything for granted, and I just want to keep improving. Playing tournaments is the perfect way to do it, Penty said.

Later bloomer
Some players peak early in the career. This has not been the case for Toby Penty, who has been struggling with serious injuries more than once. At the age of 26 it seems like Penty is ready to take the final step towards the international top level.

- It would be great to go to Tokyo next year. I was a late bloomer in the juniors, and I am kind of going through the same in seniors. I have pretty much gone through everything you can so far, and I really think that it is helping to build my game moving forward, Penty stated.

- Tokyo is a big aim next year but also after the Olympics the BWF World Tour is an aim. That is where I believe I can go.

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