Robert Mann at Pecs Training Centre in Hungary
CTC's ready to go even better
Date: 5/28/2019 4:09 PM
Published by : Aidan Jones (BEC)
Badminton Europe has a number of Certificated Training Centres (CTC), around the continent and the scope is becoming bigger by the day.

The latest training centre to become CTC accredited is Pecs in Hungary which was given its certificate in February 2019. 

New CTC for Europe

Badminton Europe have the opportunity to use six scholarships on CTC’s per year, and Pecs has already had four scholarships since the turn of the year, meaning it is important for Badminton Europe.

Robert Mann one of the players who has already gone to Hungary’s Centre spoke to Badminton Europe about his experience at Pecs.

- My overall impression of the training was very good. The schedule allowed for ample recovery time between sessions and the coaches always took into account the training loads, Robert Mann said.

- I would like to thank Alan, his team of coaches, and all the players for their wonderful hospitality, and for the opportunity to train in such a high quality and professional environment. I hope to be back soon! He added.

Moving forward for the future

Badminton Europe’s Senior Manager for High Performance, Michael Nørbæk is very much focused on re-energising and optimising the CTC's for the future. 

- I expect the criteria to become a CTC, to change, because I want more countries to be active in this important exchange of players and coaches around Europe.

- We share knowledge and inspire each other to improve our level within High Performance.

- Right now, we have three new requests from exciting places, who want to be a CTC.

- We have only had positive feedback from the Member Associations who have a National Training Centre, so I think for CTC’s in the future, it looks bright.

The CTC’s ambition

- In one year, I think that the picture will look totally different, we have eleven CTC’s divided into eight countries at the moment, Nørbæk said.

- I dream that not only will we have eight countries, but we will go to 15 countries and around 20 centres, I am so excited for the future, he continued.
- I hope the new criteria to become a CTC will be approved from the political level in July. I know our Chair, Richard Vaughan, has a big focus on this, so we are all looking forward to the future. 

- From an operational level in Badminton Europe our job will be to get the CTCs to talk and plan together, of course also with The Centre of Excellence in Badminton Europe, and to support with Scholarships.

- We will have a focus of exchange for both players and coaches. In the end it is all about dedication and high Performance, Nørbæk concluded.

For more information contact: BEC Senior Manager Michael Nørbæk:
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