Delphine Delrue and Lea Palermo celebrating (photo: badminton photo)
France have beaten Netherlands
Date: 5/21/2019 5:46 PM
Published by : Aidan Jones (BEC)
Another European tie of the week, has concluded, and it is France who have won 3-2 against Netherlands in the group stage of the BWF TOTAL Sudirman Cup 2019.

The French were able to win the tie in Women's Singles, Women's Doubles and Men’s Doubles, with Netherlands winning the remaining two categories.

A close tie

With a good tie from both teams throughout, it has given France the upper hand over Netherlands.

The Dutch went into the lead, starting with the Mixed Doubles, as Robin Tabeling/Selena Piek won against Ronan Labar/Anne Tran in straight games.

Up next was the Women’s Singles. A close match overall, but France came out winners of this one. Marie Batomene showing her qualities to beat Gayle Mahulette from Netherlands, in three games, despite Mahulette winning the second game.

With the scores level of matches for the tie, the Men’s Singles was between Mark Caljouw from Netherland and Brice Leverdez from France. The dutchman, although being taken to three games, stood strong and beat his French opponent Leverdez, in the first time meeting each other.

The next match was then important, nothing other than a French win would give them hope of taking the win against Netherlands. Delphine Delrue/Lea Palermo managed to do that and won in straight games to Selena Piek/Cheryl Seinen.

The decider

Taking the tie to a decider with the Men's Doubles match to play, it could have gone either way with the pairs close together in the World Rankings.

The tie was decided with Jacco Arends/Ruben Jille and Thom Gicquel/Ronan Labar, playing out to a three game match which the Dutch pair lead before their opponents levelled one game all, in the second. 

The third was as close, with the game virtually point for point,  eventually won the match to settle the tie with France winning.

You can see all of the results here
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