Abigaill Holden at the Women's Singles training camp.
- It is great to train with the best players
Date: 4/23/2019 10:54 AM
Published by : Aidan Jones (BEC)
The Badminton Europe Women’s Singles Camp has gotten off to a good start with a number of players attending the Centre of Excellence to practice with fellow European players.

Players have been arriving since the Easter weekend in Holbæk. Now, they are all ready for a week of practice, lead by a number of coaches with a lot of experience from their playing days.

Tine Baun starts off

Denmark’s Tine Baun lead the first session on Tuesday morning, to open the training camp with players still arriving by Tuesday afternoon and also in the evening.

The Dane decided to go with a different type of session, one which most of the players had not experienced before.

The session tested the player’s ability to play with different shuttle speeds by minimizing the court size in order to do this.

Holden ready to learn

Abigail Holden is the youngest player at the Camp, and she is confident that she can use that as an advantage.

The 19-year-old was part of the English team at the European Mixed Team Qualification and plays in both Women’s Singles and Doubles.

- It is great to train with the best players around Europe and different people too. I did not think twice when I heard about the opportunity, Abigail Holden told Badminton Europe.

- The chance to be coached by Tine Baun is something that I am enjoying a lot here, I looked up to her when I was younger, as a motivation, she added.

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