Day 3 of the European Senior Championships took place on Wednesday (Photo: Spanish Badminton Federation)
Franziska Striebel: “My ritual before each game: a piece of chocolate”
Date: 9/26/2018 3:50 PM
Published by : Annika Langrock
Franziska Striebel participates in this year’s European Senior Championships. After being kicked out in the women’s doubles, the Swiss still has a chance of winning a double’s title. 

On Day 3 in Spain, a lot of matches have been scheduled. 1200 players have made their way to Guadalajara, and all of them have one goal: reaching the next round of the tournament. One of them is Franziska Striebel from Switzerland.

A narrow game
Striebel’s first match of the day took place around 1.10 PM (CET), she played against Karine Barbot from France. The women’s singles match of 40-year-old was finished after two games: The French won with 21-16 and 21-17. It was a narrow game, according to Striebel: 

- The game was tough and the result close. Both of us had some struggle with quick smashes. But in the end, Karine had the better nerves.  

Next to participating in the singles category, Striebel already reached the next round in the mixed double with her Swiss team mate David Perret. On Monday, they won 20-22, 21-12 and 21-14 against the Finish pair of Sami Parikka and Ulrika Syrjävaara. 

The goal: Quarter finals
Furthermore, Striebel is playing in the women’s double with Swedish player Marie le Caranta. Their first match of the tournament will be on Wednesday evening at 7:10 PM (CET). They will play against the French pair Sandrine le Bourg and Jacqueline Lempereur. 

- My goal for the women’s as well as mixed double is the quarter final. But I think that we might not reach the semi-finals.  

A special ritual
To reach her goals in Guadalajara, the Swiss has a special ritual before each game: 

- I always prepare before each match in the same way. I do a warm-up, do a short Foot work.out and eat a piece of chocolate to comfort myself.

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