(Photo: Badminton Europe/Mark Phelan)
Axelsen steals European gold from Ouseph
Date: 4/29/2018 3:15 PM
Published by : Emma Lollike
World champion Viktor Axelsen from Denmark has been away from court with an injury but seems to be back in flying colors as he won the European Championship-title in Huelva, on Sunday.

Axelsen missed the All England this year due to an injury in his ankle, and after a surgery and months away from tournaments, the 2018 European Championships was his first tournament back.

The Dane came blazing out on court and took the lead early on to 11-2. The defending champion Rajiv Ouseph from England had the impossible job that is to beat the number one men’s singles player in the world.

14 minutes in, Axelsen could close the first game; 21-8. And from there, there was nothing Ouseph could do to stop the force that is Viktor Axelsen. He won the European title with the score 21-7 in the second game.

- I feel really happy! I have been running around like a lion in a cage back home waiting to get out here, Axelsen said in the on court interview.

Axelsen won his first European title in 2016 and with this victory his name is in the European badminton history for the second time.

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