Niks Podosinoviks is satisfied with the conditions at the Centre of Excellence in Holbæk (Photo: Badminton Europe)
Niks Podosinoviks: This is now or never
Date: 10/5/2017 2:29 PM
Published by : Emma Lollike
The Latvian player has been a part of Badminton Europe’s Centre of Excellence since 'day one' from 1 September, and has not regretted his decision to follow his badminton dream. 

- Since the first selection camp, I knew that this was something that I wanted to do. I wanted to challenge myself, Podosinoviks, 19, says to Badminton Europe.

He applied to the Aarhus University School of Business and Social Sciences (Aarhus BSS) as a ‘plan B’ and, in the end, had to decide between studying and joining the COE.

- I did not know what to choose. But then one day it just clicked and I knew wanted to play badminton. This is ‘now or never’ and I wanted to try it because if I didn't take this chance now, I would regret it. Sport I can do now, but studies I can start whenever I want.

Playing for a new team
Podosinoviks has played his first match for the Danish club Vendsyssel Badminton Club in the 3rd division.

- It’s the fourth highest league but still the level is very, very good, for the guys especially. And also, it is a very good experience, as I said, the players are good, so I can learn from every match. 

He will still be attending the annual team competition back home in Latvia, but since the Danish leagues are every second weekend, Podosinoviks is looking forward to play more matches, more often, and, in two events.

New routines in a new home
The Latvian expected the move to a new country to a be lot harder than what it turned out. The only thing that has been hard to adjust to is the early morning practices at 7:30. He was not used to that but feel an improvement every week.

- The practices are physically hard so we have push ourselves to concentrate and focus for every practice. I don’t miss home because I know the reason for why I am here. It is going to be challenging, but we have to accept that, Podosinoviks explains. 

- We are here for a long time and we focus only on the practice and badminton. But that is why we are here and it is a part of it. I am really enjoying my time here and I don’t miss home yet; This is my new home.

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