Kesutis Navickas looks back at the first month at BEC COE in Holbæk. (Photo: Badminton Europe)
Kestutis Navickas: We can be an important part of badminton in Europe
Date: 10/3/2017 11:32 AM
Published by : Emma Lollike
The assistant coach at Badminton Europe’s (BEC) Centre of Excellence has no doubt that he is in the right place, coaching alongside with Nicola Cerfontyne and head coach Jeroen van Dijk in Holbæk (Denmark).

The first month at the European training centre has been all about building up the structure and when Navickas,33, looks back on the first period, he realizes all that they have already achieved.

- We have managed to build up the professionalism and discipline around the practice, and I am very happy as well that everything around the organisation is working, he tells Badminton Europe.

- I am very happy about the effort that the players have put in, it is a process so of course it is not all the players that have the same level, but in these weeks, I am very positive and I am very happy that we managed to get a structure.

Important with a social life
The Lithuanian explains that a lot has happened socially between the players compared to the first days. 

- They came from different countries and different badminton environments. It was not easy for them. But they do, I think, feel better and better here, both socially and with badminton. 

- They are trying to play for the clubs, they are trying to be social, they are trying to be together as a team and it is very nice to see that. These young guys can really get a lot of great social experiences here and I, personally, know how important that is for your future, not as an athlete only, but as a person, as well.

Badminton in Europe
The centre is home for players with different levels, a couple of them come from badminton countries that still has development in their future. By educating those players, Navickas believes that the work that they do in Holbæk can be a very important process for badminton in Europe.

- I thought this project was very, very interesting and very good for badminton in Europe and when I came here I felt like I could give a lot to it, to the players, and, to Badminton Europe, he explains. 

- I want to improve as a coach and I think I have a perfect environment for that where I can express myself. And so far after one month, I see that this is exactly what I would like this to be for me.

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