Nordic Camp in Kristiansand
Date: 9/5/2017 9:38 AM
Published by : HugoMussou

The Nordic camp is a regional U15 camp gathering Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Faroe Island, Iceland and Norway, also known as the Nordic countries.

This camp is hosted every year by one of the Nordic countries, and this time it was hosted in Kristiansand, Norway. The camp started Monday 7th of August and ended 11th of August.

The goal of the camp is to exchange knowledge and of course get to know other players and coaches.  

28 players and 8 coaches from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Faroe Island participated in this year’s camp. 

The week started with some get to know each other games and some fun games on the court. Followed by a “YoYo” test; this test is an interval test - run 20 meters, turn and run 20 meters again followed by 10 seconds break and then a new round. With the speed increasing for every new level.

The camp didn’t gather only players and coaches from the Nordic countries, there were also coaches from Malaysia, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal  and of course Nordic coaches from Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland. As there was many coaches, the players were divided in some of the sessions into smaller groups so they could get more attention and feedback on what the coaches thought they needed. 

As the weather was not the best this summer, one of the only sunny day was dedicated to an afternoon in a park to swim and relax. This was a nice break for the players and the coaches after some good days of training. 

At the end of the week there was a team tournament between the different countries. As usual team matches made the players fight for each point. The match between Sweden and Finland is always an important event, this year again the players gave all they had to give. Sweden was too strong for Finland and the rest of the countries and won the tournament comfortably. Congratulations to them!

“The players did a great job at the camp, and we hope they got some new things to work on and hopefully some new friends. They at least got some new snapchat friends!” said Sondre Flaten Jorgensen, Norwegian Head Coach.

Badminton Europe is happy that the Regional Project in the Nordic countries went well, as always, and hope there will be one again next year!  


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