Day 4
Date: 7/12/2017 9:43 AM
Published by : Emma Lollike
Day 4 is the halfway mark for BEC Summer School 2017. For the players, the hardest part of training will be behind them and they can look forward to a more social schedule. And the coaches are starting to prepare for their final evaluation which is coming up shortly. 

Every year the level of coach education changes between level 1 and 2. When they pass the course by Friday, they will be certified for Coach Education Level 2. The main difference between them is the tactical education that the coaches received during the morning session, whereas level 1 focuses more on technical training.

During the afternoon, the coaches delivered sessions to all the players, who had all been trained by staff coaches in the morning. For this delivery session, the coaches were to use what they had learned from the course and propose a tactical progression to the players. It was a tough task, but great back-up and cooperation was received from the staff coaches present in the hall for the session.

The 41 players are from Ireland, Slovenia, Iceland, Cyprus, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia, Scotland, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Slovakia, Belgium, Finland, and, Moldova, and after dinner games and matches was organized to encourage the players to socialize. A great atmosphere can be felt in the hall and everyone are having an enjoyable time. For Day 5, the players can look forward to more social acivities; a visit to the water amusement park ‘Aqualuna’ and the ‘coaches vs players’ football match.

Jean-Marc Serfaty, Chair of the Sport for All Commission, announced that potential hosts for the future BEC Summer Schools will be able to apply for multiple years in advance. 

Learn more about that and get all the other highlights from Day 4 below:

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