The core members of Lotka Lubin
Lotka Lubin - Winner of 2016 BEC WiB Award
Date: 4/24/2017 11:51 AM
Published by : Tania Teoh

Badminton Europe (BEC) spoke to Zorika Tysiak, Head of Lotka Lubin after winning the 2016 BEC Women in Badminton Award in Prague at the BEC 5th Awards Gala evening (1st April 2017). Lotka Lubin is a Polish badminton club which consists of volunteers organizing numerous events in Poland. This year, they won the 2016 BEC Women in Badminton Award (project) based on the excellent organisation of the BEC European U17 Championships 2016 in Lubin, Poland with a very enthusiastic group of women.

Lotka Lubin - The team in Lubin

Lotka Lubin is formed by 5 women: Ewa Danilewicz, Ewelina Haduch, Aneta Bilewicz, Joanna Kulik and Zorika Tysiak who are close friends with very similar interests. They are the core members of the team. There are also many other women who work at high positions in Lotka Lubin such as Kamila Tworek, Agata Bończak, Olga Spiak, Ilona Wieczorek, Izabela Grygiel, Małgorzata Biadala and Joanna Czyż to name a few.

All of them had worked in many different places and gained experience in different fields. With these experience and expertise, they started to think of organising events in Lubin. Their first experience with badminton has been acquired thanks to Marek Zawadka who taught them everything about badminton at the 2012 Polish Open Championships. It was from this event that Lotka Lubin was established.

Let’s get to know more about Lotka Lubin from Zorika Tysiak.

What is the ratio of female and male members at Lotka Lubin?
90% of Lotka Lubin members are female and 10% are male.

Please describe the Lotka Lubin's structure.

Ewa Danilewicz, Ewelina Haduch, Aneta Bilewicz, Joanna Kulik and I are the core members of the team. Women are in charge of everything while men are responsible for physical labour (smiley).

What are the different events (local and international) that Lotka Lubin have organized?
Some events organized between 2015-2017:

BEC European Mixed Team Championships
Polish U17 International Championships
Lower Silesian Cup in Singles (U9, U11, U13, U15)

Artengo Polish International Junior Championships
BEC European U17 Championships
Flower Festival & Beer Festival
Celebrating the 1050th Anniversary of the Baptism in Poland
Lubin floorball local championships
Grand Prix Gold Poland in badminton
Amateur Badminton Tournament

Li-Ning Polish International Junior Championships
BEC European Junior Championships
Flower Festival & Beer Festival
Amateur Badminton Tournaments
Lower Silesian Cup in badminton for children and youth

What is the next project that Lotka Lubin will organize?
Our next event is the Flower and Beer Festival in Lubin (29.04-01.05.2017). Flower Festival takes place in Lubin over a three-day period during the holiday each May, attracting over 15 000 visitors from Lubin and region of Lower Silesia. During the festival many stands (not only flower) are set up for some special events, performances, workshops and exhibits featuring regional products, various flowers, plants, trees and new methods of floriculture. Exhibition offer allows people to familiarize with matters related to gardening, fruit growing and landscape architecture. It is also accompanied by concerts, food services and playgrounds. Beer Festival’s idea is to popularize the culture of drinking beer. It takes place in Lubin at the same time and place as Flower Festival along the „Lubińskie Błonia”. Many stands with local beer are set up, and there you can purchase different kinds of beers. It is also accompanied by concerts and food servises. In the meantime Lotka Lubin is preparing for some other projects and applying for other European events.

Please explain the cooperation between Lotka Lubin and the Polish Badminton Association.

Lotka Lubin organises badminton events on behalf of Polish Badminton Association taking place in Poland. Apart from that, a member of Lotka Lubin – Marek Zawadka became the new President of Polish Badminton Association last year.

At the end of the interview, Zorika shared, ‘It is a real pleasure and honour to be announced the winner in this category. Thank you very much for believing in us. It motivates us to work harder, to improve our skills and to organize the best events we possibly can. THANK YOU! ´.

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Photos by Zorika Tysiak and Lotka Lubin

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