Trainer/Tutor Course in Cardiff
Date: 2/9/2017 3:43 PM
12 passionate badminton people flew from all over Europe to participate in a BEC Trainer/tutor course. The course took place in Cardiff, Wales from Friday 3 to Sunday 5 of February. 

With quite a few people already experienced in the Shuttle Time program, this course had a very high quality standard.

Everything started on Friday morning with a quick presentation of everyone. A nice way to get all the participants to get know each other and in that way, make the atmosphere more relaxed. Part time coaches, full time coaches, federation workers and even teachers were introduced. 

Tom Causer and Jeroen van Dijk led this three-day course. Very quickly the participants took part in the delivery of a Shuttle Time lesson; they were asked to act as a tutor and handle a session for teachers. 

From Friday to Saturday, this was mainly the tasks that the participants had to deliver. But time after time, and thanks to the very precise advices and feedbacks from Tom and Jeroen, the candidates were able to improve very fast and learn to play the role of a Tutor and a Trainer. With some other sessions like “silent coaching” or “preparation of a course planning”, they could experience different approaches and learning styles. 

Everything in the course went very well, thanks to an excellent organization by the Welsh badminton federation. All the candidates learned a lot from Jeroen and Tom, but also from each other. 

The course ended with personal evaluations and the certificates were given. Some went home as Trainers and others as Tutors, and will still be able to improve on specific areas. 

Badminton Europe, with Jeroen as a course deliverer and Hugo Mussou as a participant, would like to thank the Badminton Federation of Wales for the organization and all the candidates for their very dynamic involvement. 

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