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Application deadline: 4 September 2020 


Head coach for 1. BC Saarbrücken-Bischmisheim

The 1. BC Saarbrücken-Bischmisheim is a very successful German badminton club and is looking for head coach for the club project Badminton-Academy Saar, DBV-certificated Young-talent-centre and DBV-certificated talent-nest at the location Saarbrücken to start at the earliest opportunity. The head coaches main scope of duties, jointly with the coaches, is to further develop the existing Young-talent-centre.

The head coach is permanently employed.

- valid DBV-A-Trainerlizenz or a comparable foreign qualification, desirable a DOSB-coach-diploma,
- several years - not less than 2 years - of experience as leading coach of squad athletes or several years as player with the international badminton-elite,
- experience in the junior area, in individual training as well as in group training,
- expertise in the methods of competitive badminton,
- experience in trainings control in competitive badminton,
- organizing ability,
- social skills, teamwork, strong communication, ability to represent,
- time flexibility, willingness to take care of athletes for supra-regional measures on weekends,
- good German linguistic proficiencies, English language fluently.

Task area:
- managerial activity at the clubs support point in Saarbrücken,
- development of concepts for sighting and promoting structures,
- planning, implementation and control of the training of the players such as planning, organisation and implementation of competitive measures,
- development of individual training plans, annual training plans and carrier plans for the players,
- cooperation with the department 'Leistungssport', high performance sports of the DBV,

youth team
- managing the coaches of the 1. BC Saarbrücken-Bischmisheim,
- further development the structures of the 1. BC Saarbrücken-Bischmisheim in competitive youth sport,
- development concepts in performance promotion,
- sighting of students and young people for badminton,
- control of performance development of the players,
- support the players on tournaments,
- contact to the clubs school projects,
- cooperation with the Gymnasium am Rotenbühl - elite school of sports.

Saarbrücken, 20. August 2020

Please send your application documents by September 4, 2020 to:

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