The Commissions

Following a decision made by the Badminton Europe membership, at the 2015 Annual Delegates' Meeting, a new Commission structure was introduced to concentrate on identified strategic focus areas of the Confederation.

The Board of Directors from time to time decides on which Commissions it wishes to organize for them to work on these key areas.

Each Commission shall normally have 6-7 members. These can be BEC Vice Presidents, Directors or external experts (from BEC Member Associations).

The Commissions are foreseen to meet twice a year, in January and September, where the time of the Annual Delegates' Meeting may allow for an additional cost-efficient meeting. The President, General Secretary and Director for Finance are ex-officio members of all Commissions.

Each Commission will report to the Board of Directors. 

All external Commission members are identified based on a transparent process and based on an invitation for suitable candidates circulated to all Member Associations. A minimum inclusion of external members and female members will be agreed upon considering budgetary framework. 

The following ten Commissions have currently been in place:

1. Athletes'

2. Circuits

3. Commercial

4. Communication & Media

5. Gender Equity

6. High Performance

7. Major Events

8. Member Support

9. Para badminton

10. Sport For All

Each of the areas has a dedicated section in the BEC Strategic Plan which serves as the basis for the work of each Commission and helps to determine the terms of reference of the Commissions.